Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Mauritius Yellow Pages (MYP). Our aim is to connect buyers and sellers with the least possible clicks to bring you to the most accurate result. You have heard over and over again that technology can enhance almost anything, well we are using the latest technologies available on the market, blended with innovation and our will to give you the finest services. The result is just terrific! We are proud to present to you what will change the way you look upon your market. Check our services, compare us to our competitors (we don’t mind!), you will understand right away that this is something not to be missed. MYP is more than just a Classified Listing page. Heavy investments were made so that this new package is available to Big, Medium and Small Businesses in Mauritius. However to be able to make an optimum use of our services, you need to properly understand the different features of MYP, they have been made as simple as possible, for everyone to get on board even if your knowledge in technology is not extensive, Once you have gone through that, you will be amazed at the services offer, no gimmicks, no hidden cost, you pay what you sign up for. Feel free to contact the Yellow Team for assistance, we will be delighted to reply any of your queries.

General FAQ
What are the benefits of MYP?

MYP make your business more visible to the many thousand of people who visit the MYP network on a daily basis. Various types of plan that suit your purpose is available, such as Classic, Classic+, Premium, Premium+ and Cyber. You can display your logo, social media links, google map location, photo gallery and many other additional details concerning your business. You can also expect to benefit from an increase in traffic in your website, more sales, more brand awareness. Through our mobile apps, we also offer you the possibility of being available to your customers even when they are offline. Our prices starts at only MUR 49/month for a paid listing.

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How much does a Listing cost?

The cost of the various plans of MYP have been designed with the idea of making it affordable for everyone, whether you are a small, medium.

MYP Listing Cost

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Are there any additional charges?

No, there are no additional charges. Unless otherwise stated.

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How to become a Member of MYP?

Click on "Create an account" to become a member of MYP. A MYP membership gives you the benefit of Discount Coupons, Special offers, obtaining News and Events on a regular basis. As a MYP member, you can also communicate directly with companies through Yellow Mail and you can list your own company.

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What does “Claim your business” mean?

Claim your business is the way for you to take control of your business details. We already have a database of businesses, if yours is in there, you just need to claim it. From there you can upgrade your listing the way you deem fit for additional services.

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Can I have my business listed on MYP without having a membership account?

No, to be able to list your business on MYP, you need to first register yourself as a member. Registering yourself as a member is a free service.

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Steps in adding your business?

Create an account to become a member. After becoming a member you can add your business. You will then receive a confirmation of registration through your E-mail. After confirmation from your side,  fill in your business details and your business will be listed.

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Can I edit information?

Definitely, you can change your data if you see there is a mistake in it or you have wrongly done the input, you can change your listing as much as you want. You can also change any information such as office address, web address, email and phone number at any time to keep your contact details updated. We give you full control over your information.

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Can my account get deleted?

Yes, your account can be deleted by the support team of Reasons for getting deleted would include but would not be limited to these: cheating (usually spotted from unusual statistics), not filling in your website address when you sign up, not uploading your banner to our system in a timely manner (like 3 weeks), not putting our code on your site in a timely manner (like 3 weeks), becoming inactive, use of competing banner programs on the same page as our banner and any other abuses that would alter results of the system. Please follow our terms of use page.

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What does case sensitive mean?

It means that if you entered your password as 'mYp' and tried to use 'myp' as a password, it will not work. The system will detect the two different ‘Y’s. Those are two different passwords.

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How do I get my business on Yellow Mobile?

To have an enhanced access to the services of Yellow Mobile, you need to upgrade your listing to a Premium. 

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Yellow Mail
What is Yellow Mail?
Yellow Mail is an easy way for Members of Mauritius Yellow Pages, to contact, obtain quotations and conduct general communication with a company that is listed on
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How does Yellow Mail works?
Yellow Mail is an internal mailing system. Business and members can access their Yellow Mail through their account. If you do not access your account daily, Yellow Mail will notify you, through your email to set up your account, in case of incoming Yellow Mail.
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Why would I use Yellow Mail?
Yellow Mail is easy online communication (On the page) between consumer and a business. Yellow Mail has an option for consumer communicate anonymous. It is not always that you as a consumer want to provide all you contact details just to obtain information or a quotation.
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I have a business, why would I want to communicate through Yellow Mail with an anonymous consumer?
Any respectable and transparent company will understand that in today online world spamming and unsolicited email, have become an annoyance. May consumers simply do not want to provide their email or other details to obtain information from a company. Some even have several emails to counter spamming on private email and to provide in circumstances where company want personal details.
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How can we use Yellow Mail when our business policies stipulate that quotations or price list are provide

All Yellow Member has the option of allowing Yellow Mail to include their details. Nonetheless, if a company are transparent and have nothing to hide, there is no need to hid price list. Moreover, to assist companies to promote and sell online; MYP have several sales tools available, as part of payable business listings, such as coupons, dedicated banner adverts and e-commerce integration to mention some.

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Setting Up a Business Listing
What is the cost and how difficult is it to set up a business listing?

MYP Classic Listing is FREE. It is very easy to claim or setup a listing.

  1. The basic particulars are most likely on your business card.
  2. Mandatory fields in addition to the basic particulars include;
    1. BRN (Business Registration Number)
    2. A short and precise description of your core business i.e. "Selling quality computer and communication devices and related accessories". And not to exceed 80 characters.
    3. Selecting trade categories from MYP list
    4. Keywords are generated from the categories. In case you need a specific keyword not listed, you can request this at the time of submission.
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Are there other business listing options?

Yes, you can upgrade to a payable listing. Such listings enable you to include additional information including visual. As you upgrade you will have additional marketing and sales tools such as coupons, dedicated banner advert and integrated ecommerce to mention some.

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Is it difficult to setup a paid business listing?

No, but it help to prepare the information and visual materials needed for the respective plan chosen. Follow the following steps and your business listing will be easy to set up and live in no time;

  1. View the samples of the various business listings and chose one.
  2. From the MYP business listing service table you will know the information and visual materials you need for the respective listing. You can also down load a MYP business listing preparation check list. This list covers the most comprehensive business listing "Cyber".
  3. It is important to note that if you can at any time upload missing information or visual material later. Only the Classic listing fields are mandatory to setup up any business listing.
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Can MYP help me if I/We are not confident setting up a business listing OR do not have all the materials?

Of course we can assist. If you have the information and visual material we can setup the administrator account and business listing at a nominal setup fee of MUR 250.00. If you do not have the materials we have the editorial and graphic staff to create the needed materials and descriptions.

Contact our customer service centre and they will identify the level of assistance and provide a quotation.

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What type of visual materials can I upload to my business account?

Within the business account you will have clear indication of the sizes and format. However, it is always good to prepare. Generally, all images of less than 500 kb in a jpg format can be uploaded for the following sections:

  1. Logo (download a sample).
  2. Cover Photo (download a sample).
  3. Photo Gallery (download a sample).
  4. Profile Photo (download a sample) The reason we limit the file size to 500 kb is for loading speed. It is important that your business page have a short as possible loading time. If possible it is even better if the jpg is progressive. A person with general knowledge to graphic will be able to save the image as progressive. Other visual;
  5. YouTube link can be included in the field "Video".
  6. Dedicated Banner Creation (download a sample).
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Business Account Administrator
Why do I/We have to create an account administrator?
Firstly, MYP (Mauritius Yellow Pages) needs to know who are authorised by a business to claim/setup and business account on Secondly, knowing whom we are to contact on any subject related to the business listing, may it be customer care related, technical or recommendations on improve of business listing thus, enhanced first hand impression for potential customer visiting the listing.
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Why do I need to enter my birthday?
Firstly, we need to confirm that you are of legal age. Secondly, most people appreciate a greeting from friends and family. We at MYP like to seize the opportunity to celebrate our customers. Hence, each month we will conduct a draw among the birthday celebrators.
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Claim your Business on Mauritius Yellow Pages (
How do I claim my business on

That is simple. Either you check only if your business is listed as unclaimed or you have received an email from, recommending you to claim your business.

  1. If your business is found on (search business name) and not claimed you will see a link below the company name "Claim Your Business", in which case you;
    1. You click the link and setup your Business Administrator Account. i. Refer to FAQ section "Business Account Administrator" for assistance.
    2. The Business Account Administrator setup process includes email verification. In case you do not see the email in your inbox; make sure that you check junk mail folder and white list
    3. Once a Business Administer Account, you chose to setup a business listing. i.e Refer to FAQ section "Business Listing" for assistance.
  2. If your business is not found on, you can simply click on the "Join Us" link found in the upper right corner of to set up yourself as an Business Account Administrator followed by setting up your business listing within your account page.
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A banner advert is a form of advertising that is placed in specific locations of a website, ideally where there is more visibility. Nowadays people are making use of the internet much more than 5 years ago, you need to focus on that, to adapt and change the way you carry out your marketing to keep the pace. A web banner advert is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking the advert to the website of the advertiser. MYP with its extensive network, will create high quality and fully optimised banners for your business. We currently have three types of banners. Static banner, Animated Banner and Flash banner or Swish. Kindly choose the banner advert by ticking “Order Now” and complete the online form.

Max Initial File Load Size: 40 KB
Max Additional Initial File Load Size for OBA Self-Reg Compliance: 5 KB
Max Animation Frame Rate: 24 fps
Maximum Animation Length: (i.e. Flash) 15-sec,m/p>

Size of banners on web site

Leaderboard : 728 x 90
Vertical Banner : 240 x 400

How long before my marketing campaign should I send my banner?

A minimum of 3 office days.

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How do I put the banner code on my Web Page?

You will get a snippet of HTML code to use on your pages (the code will show the network banners). Simply you have to paste the code in, upload your pages and you're ready to go!

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What are the cost for MYP to design banners for my business?


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Banner exchange is an exchange of banners between two websites. For us to provide an optimum service, there are a few points that you need to understand. Choosing your zones is very important, it is the choice you are making that will determine what will be displayed on your own website and also the website where you want to display your banners. If you are offering web services, you would probably not want the banners of your potential competitors to be displayed on your website. So it is important for you to choose your zones. For example, it may not be appropriate to advertise on a "greeting e-cards" website where most of the visitors are coming to send e-cards, hence have not much in common with the audience that you are targeting. Your banner advertising campaign would be more effective if targeted to an IT professionals' forum for instance.

How do I start or join Banner Exchange?

Joining Banner Exchanges is easy and free. Just start by reading this and then click on the "I agree" link.

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How big should my banner be?

Your banner should be 240X400 pixels and less than 40kb in disk space, but we strongly recommend that your banner does not exceed 35k for its unloading time.

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Can I have an animated banner on this exchange?

Yes you can.

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How does Banner Exchange help me? Banner Exchange is a free banner exchange that can increase traffic to your site. For every two person's banners you show on your site, your banner will be shown on someone else's site thus making Banner Exchange a 2:1 ratio. This is a proven tool for effective advertising.

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That sounds great. But am I obligated to stay with Banner Exchange?

Absolutely not. You can request to have your account removed whenever you want. It's up to you, but we bet you will want to stay.

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Alright, I am at the login page, now what?

Great, just enter a username for your account, like "tom23" or "sallygirl", and then enter your secret password and write it down. Remember, the password is case sensitive.

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Social Media FAQ

Social Media is nowadays a part of the modern era. Being connected to your customers is important for your brande. It is no longer a social tool used only by teenagers but it is a rampant feature of this century, which people of all ages make use of. Many business owner knows that, but due to a time constraint they are unable to use this tool which could have given them multiple folds advantages. At MYP. we have the expertise and tools to ensure a good online presence for your business on various social platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. We have perfectly crafted strategies to address your key social needs and make your business presence be felt on social networks. When linked, in simple terms, traffic will be increased to your website, which will lead to more brand awareness, more sales and ultimately more profits.

Yes, you can. In today’s world of communication, getting connected is important, we offer you the possibility to list your Social Media profiles on MYP. A simple click can make users jump to your Social Media channels.

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Which Social Media platform can I list on my MYP account?

Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. We expect to broaden our reach to other social media in the near future.

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I have a business, am very much interested with Social Media, but I don’t have time. Can MYP help?

Yes, we definitely can. We have a package to create and maintain your business on social Media platforms, we take responsibility of your social media presence, with periodic reviews, where we will evaluate your needs, develop quality content, graphics and we post your content. We have packages that have been tailored for your needs.

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How to benefit from MYP Social Management?

You should first contact our customer service and we will guide you through the process. Contacting customer service can either be done through Phone, Email, Skype or Yellow Mail. We will then set up a course of action that will define how we will manage the presence of your business on Social Media i.e which Social Media Channels we are going to use (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ or Youtube, what your targets are and how we will reach these targets. We propose a well defined customised strategy which fits your business.

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Which Social Media platform can MYP manage for my business?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Youtube. If you want a presence on some other Social Media platforms not present in our list, kindly inform us, we will do the needful.

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Yellow Bill FAQ

We have taken special care to make our prices affordable. (Price Plan Link) There are several ways for you to settle your yellow bill whether you opt for a monthly or yearly payment method. You can either make an online credit card payment or a bank transfer. (Click here to get more details for online credit payment and bank transfer details). An invoice will be generated for accounting purposes. Moreover if you have requested the Yellow Page team to set up the business listing; bank details will be provided in the order form for bank transfer.

How will I know that it's time to renew my listing subscription?

You will be notified at least a week before you need to renew your listing. It will generally intervene in a lapse of a year, your package is valid for a year.

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Will interest be charged if payments are not made on time?

No interest will be charged for late payment however your account will be deactivated for failing to comply with Yellow payment practices. But however if you have a recorcd of paying in time, then we can give a grace period.

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Can I ask for a refund if am not satisfied?

Yes, you have 60 days for that. But we bet you won’t need that.

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What are the advantages of paying on a yearly basis?

If you opt for a yearly subscription, you can benefit from a 15 to 25 % discount, depending on the subscription you have chosen.

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