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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Mauritius Yellow Pages (MYP).

Our aim is to connect buyers and sellers with the least possible clicks to bring you the most accurate results.  We are using the latest technologies available on the market, blended with innovation and our will to give you the finest services. The result is just terrific!

We are proud to present to you what will change the way you look upon your market. Check our services, compare us to our competitors (we don’t mind!), you will understand right away that this is something not to be missed. MYP is more than just a Classified Listing page.

Heavy investments were made so that this new package is made available to Large,  Medium and Small Businesses in Mauritius at affordable rates. However to be able to make optimum use of our services, you need to properly understand the different features of MYP. They have been made as simple as possible, for everyone to understand even if your knowledge of technology is not extensive. No gimmicks, no hidden costs, you pay what you sign up for.

Feel free to contact the Yellow Team for assistance, we will be delighted to reply to any of your queries.

The General FAQ attempts to answer general questions that you may have on, its products and services. While we have taken special care to cover all aspects, if you are unable to find your answer, you can always contact us.