FAQ: Become A Member on Yellow Pages

Becoming a Member on yellow.mu takes a matter of minutes and it opens the door to many opportunities.

How to become a Member of MYP?
  1. Go to yellow.mu
  2. Click on: Join us
  3. Fill in the forms
  4. Receive your Username and Password via email
  5. Confirm your account
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What do I benefit from becoming a Member of MYP?
  • Access to coupons
  • You can list your business
  • Get free access to our YellowMail service and communicate with businesses
  • Receive periodical discounts for Mauritius Yellow Pages Products and Services.
  • Participate in yellow.mu lucky draws.
  • Get access to countless information concerning several industries.
  • Be informed when yellow.mu is organising seminars and conferences.
  • Get privileged prices from our international partners.
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How much does it cost?

A Member account is FREE. We also have a FREE business listing “Classic Page”, however if you wish to have enhanced features, which will include innovative services from our international partners, then you will need to upgrade to a paid listing.

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