Claim your Business FAQ

Claim your business is essentially for people whose business is in our  database and they want to take control of it. Claim your business is taking possession of your online listing and having the opportunity to update your data. It is free.

How do I claim my business on

This is simple. Either you check if your business is listed as unclaimed or you have received an email from, recommending that you claim your business.

  1. f your business is found on and you have not claimed it, you will see a link below the company name "Claim Your Business", in which case you:
    1. click on the link and setup your Business Administrator Account. Refer to FAQ section "Business Account Administrator" for assistance.
    2. The Business Account Administrator setup process includes email verification. In case you do not see the email in your inbox; make sure that you check your junk mail folder and whitelist
    3. Once a Business Administrator Account has been created, you chose to set up a business listing. Refer to FAQ section "Business Listing" for assistance.
  2. If your business is not found on, you can simply click on the "Join Us" link found in the upper righthand corner of to set yourself up as a Business Account Administrator followed by creating your business listing.
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What is Claim your business?

When your business is already listed in our database and you want to have control over your listing then you should claim your business. Its free.

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