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The General FAQ answers general questions that you may have about, its products and services. While we have taken special care to cover all aspects, if you are unable to find your answer, you can always contact us.

What are the benefits of MYP?

MYP enhances the visibility of your business to the many thousands of people who visit the MYP network on a daily basis. Various types of plans have been carefully crafted for you, such as our Classic, Classic+, Premium, and Premium+ listings. You can display your Logo, Social media links, Google maps location, Photo gallery and many other additional details. You can naturally also expect to benefit from an increase in traffic to your website, leading to more sales and more brand awareness. Through our mobile apps, we also offer you the possibility of being available to your customers even when they are offline. Our prices start at only MUR 49/month for a paid listing.

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What are the costs of the listings?

The cost of the various plans of MYP have been designed with the idea of making it affordable for everyone, whether you are a small, medium or large business. Marketing is made easy. You will find the Business Page price list here.

MYP Listing Cost

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Are there any additional charges?

No, there are no additional charges, unless you chose to upgrade or add branches.

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Can I have my business listed on MYP without having a membership account?

No. To be able to list your business on, you need to first register yourself as a Member, which is a free feature.

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What does “Claim your business” mean?

Claim your business is the way for you to take control of your business details. We already have a database of businesses, if yours is in there, you simply need to claim it. That will be the first step in taking control before upgrading to any additional services of

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What are the steps to add my business?

Create an account to become a member. After becoming a member you can add your business. You will then receive a confirmation of registration via email. After receiving the verification email; fill in your business details and your business will generally be listed within 48 hours.

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Can I edit information?

Definitely. You can change your data if you see there is a mistake in it or you have wrongly input data, you can change your listing as often as you want. We give you full control over your information.

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Can my account get deleted?

Yes. your account can be deleted by the support team of Reasons for getting deleted could include but are not limited to, the following: cheating (usually noticed from unusual statistics), not filling in your website address when you sign up, not uploading your banner to our system in a timely manner (3 weeks), not putting our code on your site in a timely manner, use of competing banner programs on the same page as our banner or any other abuses that would alter the results of the system. Please follow our Terms of Service.

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What does case sensitive mean?

It means that information being entered - usually for usernames and passwords - are recognised as being in uppercase or lowercase or a combination of the two. For example, if you create your password as 'mYp' but when you next go to login you use 'myp' as a password, it will not be recognised. The system will detect the ‘y’s’ are different.

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How do I get my business on Yellow Mobile?

You need to upgrade your listing to a Premium account to access this service.

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What can Mauritius Yellow Pages do for my business?

As a Business Listing subscriber you will benefit from the increased exposure of your businesses and gain access to great new marketing tools. The business directory is viewed by thousands of potential customers every day, and every subscriber can upgrade their listing to obtain more brand exposure, advertising and sales tools. Other marketing solutions to increase your branding, sales and search rank results are only clicks away. You may consult a Customer Service Representative to enquire about the benefits of a listing and all of the features and services.

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What is Mauritius Yellow Pages?

MYP Online Marketing Ltd operates the Yellow Pages in Mauritius. We have published the online Yellow Pages Business Directory since 1996. Every day thousands of people, Mauritians and Foreigners, search and view business listings on the Yellow Pages Online Business Directory of Mauritius.

We offer our subscribers upgrades and additional services ranging from online advertising, search marketing, payment and booking solutions for integration of their web pages and/or their dedicated business listing and more.

All these services are to help businesses to brand, increase their visibility online, reach potential customers and improve their online sales.

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