Google Map

Google Map is a way for you to make your business visible to potential customers with the exact location displayed on a map. Customers not only get your exact location but are also advised on how to get to your business premises by different transport means. Customers find it easier to come to you especially if they are far from your location and do not know how to get there.

Can i update my Google Map location?

Yes, you can easily update your location by editing this specific section.

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How do I put my business on Google Location?

When the Google Maps page opens on, a map of Mauritius will be visible. Find your location on the map, then you use the red arrow and place it on your business location. For example if you are from Rose Hill you need to browse the address within the Rose Hill region. Once you place the red arrow on the location/address, your longitude and latitude will be automatically saved. Please contact our customer service team if you require any assistance with this feature.

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Which Package enables me to use Google Map?

“Classic +” and above.

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