FAQ: Setting Up a Business Page on Yellow Pages

Setting up a business page is relatively easy. This is where you input the relevant information so that you can list your business on yellow.mu

What is the cost and how difficult is it to set up a business page?

A MYP Classic Listing is FREE. It is very easy to claim or set up a listing.

  1. The basic particulars are those you will find on a business card.
  2. Mandatory fields in addition to the basic particulars include;
    1. Business Registration Number (BRN)
    2. A short and precise description of your core business i.e. "Selling quality computer and communication devices and related accessories". Not exceeding 80 characters.
    3. Select trade categories from MYP list.
    4. Keywords are generated from the categories. In case you need a specific keyword which is not listed, you can request this at the time of submission.
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Are there other business listing options?

Yes. You can upgrade to a paid listing. Such listings enable you to include additional information including visual, marketing and sales tools such as vouchers, dedicated banner adverts and integrated e-commerce to mention just a few.

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Is it difficult to setup a paid business page?

No, but it helps to prepare the information and visual materials needed for the respective plan chosen. Follow the following steps and your business page will be easy to set up and be live in no time;

  1. View the different sample business pages and choose one.
  2. From the MYP Business Page Service Table you will find the information and visual materials you need for the respective listing. You can also request a MYP business page preparation checklist, or request assistance from MYP customer service staff.
  3. It is important to note that you can upload missing information or visual material any time during or after the setup. Only the Classic listing fields are mandatory to setup up any business listing.
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Can MYP help me if I/We are not confident setting up a business page OR do not have all the materials?

Of course we can assist. If you have the information and visual material, we can setup the administrator account and business listing for a nominal setup fee of MUR 250. If you do not have the materials we have the editorial and graphic staff to create the needed materials and descriptions.

Contact our customer service centre and they will identify the level of assistance needed and provide a quotation.

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What type of visual materials can I upload to my business account?

Within the business account you will have clear indication of the sizes and formats. Generally, all images of less than 500kb in a jpg format can be uploaded for the following sections:

  1. Logo (download a sample),
  2. Cover Photo (download a sample),
  3. Photo Gallery (download a sample)
  4. Profile Photo (download a sample)

The reason we limit the file size to 500kb is for optimal loading speed. It is important that your business page has as short as possible loading time. If possible it is even better if the jpg is progressive. A person with general knowledge of graphics will be able to save the image as progressive. Other visual or graphic options for your Premium and Premium+ listings are:

  1. YouTube link can be included in the field "Video".
  2. Dedicated Banner Creation (download a sample).
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How do I renew my subscription or service?

It is the customer's responsibility to assure that renewal or monthly service fee is paid in time. Mauritius Yellow pages (yellow.mu)may issue a reminder.

There are two types of service renewals; monthly and yearly. To avoid service interrupted funds is to be cleared on MYP's account Bank, Merchant and Mauritius Post minimum;

2 bank days prior to end of month for monthly renewal.
15 days prior to expiration for yearly renewal

This is especially important for advertisement service, as this service is in high demand, and any available inventory may be allocated to other customers.

There are three payment options for monthly payments;
Standing order for bank transfer.
    Recurring debit of credit card.
Monthly payment at Mauritius Post
Note: Discount as from 10% up to 25% can be obtained on "Yearly subscription or Services commitment".

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