FAQ: Yellow Bill

We have taken special care to make our prices affordable, and there are many ways for you to settle your yellow bill. You can either make a cheque payment and post it to MYP Online Marketing or a bank transfer using the invoice number as reference. An invoice will be generated for accounting purposes. Moreover if you have requested the Yellow Pages team to set up the business listing; our bank details will be provided in the order form for bank transfers.

How will I know that it's time to renew my listing subscription?

You will be notified at least a week before you need to renew your listing. It will generally be around a year after you subscribed since your package is valid for one year.

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Will interest be charged if payments are not made on time?

No interest will be charged for late payment however your account will be deactivated for failing to comply with Yellow payment practices. If you have a record of paying in time, then we can grant a grace period.

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Can I ask for a refund if am not satisfied?

Yes, within 60 days of subscribing.

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What are the advantages of paying on a yearly basis?

If you opt for a yearly subscription, you can benefit from a 15 to 25% discount, depending on the subscription you have chosen.

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How can I effect payment and obtain an invoice for my accounting?

A: Invoices are generated at the time of selection of service and payment;

  1. When you set up your online account; you will select your business listing plan and if needed additional services. Next two steps are;
      1. A summary of services and their cost. As you move to the next step you approve the selected options/services
      2. You will then have several payment options;
        1. Cheque
        2. Bank transfer – Online or Offline
      3. As you chose your payment mode;
        1. Details and instructions will be displayed, and
        2. Upon accepting the Terms of Services and Use, you will be able to;
          1. Process online payment and proceed to final step.
          2. Process offline payment later, and proceed to final step.
        3. As you proceed to the final step, an invoice will be sent to you with further information and/or instructions.
        4. In case you have not received an invoice, check your junk folder and spam filter, make sure that Yellow.mu is white listed. If you still have not received our invoice, contact MYP's Customer Service Centre.
  2. If you have requested the Yellow Pages team to set up the business listing; an invoice will be provided directly.
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Do yellow.mu products and services contain Value Added Tax (VAT)?

As a company that aims to provide a platform for the business community to promote and sell online (e-commerce); MYP Online Marketing Ltd cannot be held liable to collect or pay VAT (Value Added Tax) for the vendor. We highly recommend that all vendors adhere to the tax regulations and apply good business practice.

As our international partners' services, solutions, products are promoted worldwide excluding VAT and when sold VAT is added according to the respective country where the purchase is taking place; all MYP Online Marketing prices are displayed excluding VAT. The VAT will be displayed on the invoice facilitating VAT registered businesses to claim incoming VAT.

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What rate does MYP use for foreign currency?

International partner pricing are in various currencies mainly Euros and US Dollars, in which case the respective currency will be display with indicative MUR price. Purchase is conducted by:

  1. Cheque or bank transfer; the board purchase exchange rate of MAU Bank applies.
  2. Credit Card (e-commerce) the exchange rate of the card issuer applies.

For MYP Online Marketing's own products and services, a monthly fee option will only be available for recurring credit card payment.

Any MYP Online Marketing services/solutions with a monthly fee of less than MUR 2,500.00 will be charged yearly where the client chose to effect payment by cheque or bank transfer.
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