FAQ: YellowMail Communication

YellowMail is a free feature where business communications can be sent through our platform. Your customers can send business oriented communications to you either by providing their name or anonymously.

What is YellowMail?

YellowMail is an easy way for members of yellow.mu, to contact businesses, obtain quotations and conduct general communication with a company that is listed on yellow.mu.

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How does YellowMail works?

YellowMail is an internal mailing system. If you do not access your account daily, YellowMail will notify you, as soon as you receive communications through our system.

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I have a business, why would I want to communicate through YellowMail with an anonymous consumer?

Any respectable and transparent company will understand that in today’s online era spamming and unsolicited email, have become an annoyance. Many consumers simply do not want to provide their email or other personal details to obtain information from a company. Today's customers have several additional email accounts to counter spamming on private email. MYP support and encourage customer to research services/products and prices before committing to a purchase.

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Why would I use YellowMail?

YellowMail is an easy online communication tool between consumers and businesses. YellowMail has an option for consumers to communicate anonymously. Consumers do not always want to provide all their contact details just to obtain information or a quotation.

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How can we use YellowMail when our business policies stipulate that quotations or price list are provided?

All Yellow Members have the option of communicating with a company through YellowMail anonymously or to include their details. If a company apply good business practices and has nothing to hide, they will have no issue with providing product information and price lists without collecting the customer's details. Moreover, to assist companies to promote and sell online; MYP have several sales tools available, as part of yellow.mu paid business listings, such as coupons, dedicated banner adverts or e-commerce integration to mention a few.

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